Dr. Mark McKenna, a doctor that changed to become an entrepreneur

A physician is one person that will know the best practices that will be able to change and improve the life of a person. Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician, and through error and trial, he has gained all the experience that he has. He concluded that it was not going to be easy to make lots of money as a doctor while he was still at the Tulane Medical School earning his degree. For five years after university, Dr. Mark worked for his father, and he got to see the effects his practice was getting from the billing and reimbursements. With that, he saw that he needed to make a change and engage different parts of his brain to start something new.

While he was at medical school, he bought real estates from the money he got from moonlighting at the prison. At the prison, he would do physicals on the inmates for $50 an hour, and 100% of the money he would invest it. While still at his father practice he launched the Mckenna Venture Investment, a company that would deal with the boutique real estate development. Because of the hard work that he put into the company he oversaw it grow to become a company that employed 50 workers. The company offered things like turnkey design-build, services of the real estate closing and finance. Through the company, Dr. Mark McKenna was earning $500.000 a year, and the business was estimated to be worth $4 and $5 million.

After Dr. Mark McKenna sold his company, he moved to Atlanta where he joined an MBA degree program and founded ShapeMed. The company was made up of a chain of offices that would offer services like laser hair removal, counseling on weight and nutrition and Botox injections. In 2015 he sold the company to Lifetime Fitness, and he became one of the staffs, but after private equity bought the company, he quit his job. Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is offering his best at his company OVME. The vision that he has for the company is that he will provide Botox patients with an app that will work like Uber. If the patients make good use of the OVME’s app, they can be connected with freelance practitioners that will offer the services by making house calls.

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