Clayton Hutson Expert in Live Entertainment Production

Stage manager and production manager, Clayton Hutson, is a marvel when it comes to all the organizing, overseeing, and executing musical tours. He treats artists with respect and works with their strengths. He is highly regarded as he constantly works towards achieving aesthetic perfection in the world of live musical peformances.


Clayton Hutson is not afraid to work long hours to create the greatest live music experience in every single performance. Some of the most well known artists that he has worked with are Billy Graham, Pink, Guns’n’Roses and Kid Rock. He is passionate and dedicated in every aspect of his work.


Through the years, Hutson has learned first hand, all the tasks involved in live touring productions. After years of working as project manager and sound engineer, it is not surprising that he created his own company, in live entertainment. Clayton Hutson has perfected the knowledge and skills in the logistics of each task involved, and there are many, to execute the very best in live entertainment.


Clayton Hutson got hit hard while working for another company during the recession. He had some tough times in a legal battle where the client had difficulties with the company he was working for at the time. Even after Clayton did his best to remedy the problems, he left with legal financial scars that set him back $150,000. This challenge was the motivating force that propelled him into running his own company.


Hutson is currently working with the Kid Rock tour as production manager. After learning first hand in previous shows that conflicts and obstacles can come up in these tours, Hutson anticipated these possibilities and was able to avoid them. One example was when he recently worked with locals and their equipment. This can be especially difficult as there is a lot of work that goes into assessing the people and their levels of experience as well as the variety and condition of their equipment.


One of the recent trends in touring productions is “spectacle” performances. The types of lights used are smaller, lighter, more powerful and easier to use now. The video screens are larger. Hutson especially likes artists that add stunts and acrobatics. He loves it when artists do the unexpected when expressing their art.


Clayton Hutson is always up to the challenge in providing the very best services to each tour. Be sure to check out which of his spectacular events is coming up. When Clayton Hutson is involved, you know you will be in for a once in a lifetime experience.

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