ClassDojo Positions Itself As The Future Of Education

ClassDojo, the communication platform that is geared towards promoting connection and empowerment between teachers, parents, and students, has managed to acquire another $21 million dollars in additional funding. As more venture firms get into the app development game, ClassDojo continues to place an emphasis on ground-up change that will fundamentally alter the way in which parents and teachers interact with one another. It could be said that ClassDojo is doing more than just attracting users, it’s building a community.

Through the app, parents and teachers can regularly communicate with one another in an efficient manner, regardless of whether or not it’s a specifically designated day for “parent-teacher conferences.” Of course, ClassDojo is more than just a written record of a child’s day at school. In addition to letting parents and teachers easily speak to each other, it also serves as a useful tool for teachers that wish to keep parents up to date on school projects, or interesting things that happen during the school day.

By easily allowing teachers to take photographs and videos, and then send them directly to parents, ClassDojo has managed to position itself as an all-in-one app that satisfies many of the existing demands that parents have placed on schools. Instead of worrying about what type of culture is being promoted at school or in the classroom, parents can see firsthand exactly what their child is dealing with. Conversely, the app also helps teachers to better explain how a child’s behavior is affecting other students in the classroom.

As of this writing, the success of ClassDojo is evident in its use across more than 80,000 schools in the United States. This is a considerable amount of success, especially when taking into account ClassDojo’s small staff size. ClassDojo is currently operated by a staff of just 25 people. Perhaps more important than ClassDojo’s size though is their open commitment to privacy. ClassDojo has vowed to never sell the personal info of its users. Although this makes the app more difficult to monetize, the founders feel that this was an obvious and necessary decision to make. To the creators of ClassDojo, its effectiveness is more important to them than any simple cash grab might be.

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