Chris Burch Brings Ideas To Life

Chris Burch is founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has been an investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years, during which time he has been involved in the success of many brands. In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Burch says the idea for Burch Creative Capital came from his curiosity of how products and services can always be improved. Chris Burch wanted to help entrepreneurs, and the company accomplishes this by providing the funding to bring great ideas to reality.

Burch has funded numerous ideas in his career, including Voss Water, Tony Burch, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Nihiwatu. In 2014, Burch helped launch ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Burch says he was excited about Cocoon9, which are luxury homes on a smaller scale. Currently, Burch is working on the development of brands like Brad’s Raw Foods, Soludos, and Little Duck Organics, read ( These are just a few of the many brands Burch has been involved with.

Burch doesn’t have a typical job with typical days. He finds himself traveling widely and combining his talents with many other passionate people. He considers himself an expert at reading people, and has been influenced by several along the way. Chris Burch admires Ellen DeGeneres for her ability to connect with her audience in a real way that leaves a lasting impression. He also admires her business vision, and her product design ability that appeals to everyday Americans. Likewise, Burch has only good things to say about Steve Ross, calling him a forward thinker that he has immense respect for. Burch appreciates Ross’s business understanding and his passion for creativity, learn more on

Chris Burch has learned a lot of lessons in his years of work. He says he has failed thousands of times, but recovers through a process of mourning, reflection, and finally understanding. He believes it is important to take full responsibility for failures, but to keep moving forward. On the flip side of that, Burch says ground-breaking people take risks, and credits risk taking for being where he is today. Another piece of advice he has for entrepreneurs is to always listen, and to “go confidently in the direction of your dreams”, visit