Sahm Adrangi and profiting From Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi delivered a presentation at the Kase Short Selling conference with his topic focusing on Ad Fraud. This conference had been in high demand for individuals who seek opportunities in profiting from short selling activities in the market. Sahm Adrangi built the company Kerrisdale Capital from a small startup into a company worth 180 […]

Dr. Mark McKenna, a doctor that changed to become an entrepreneur

A physician is one person that will know the best practices that will be able to change and improve the life of a person. Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician, and through error and trial, he has gained all the experience that he has. He concluded that it was not going to be easy to […]

Adam Milstein Is A Successful Israeli Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who came to America and established himself as a successful businessman. Adam is a real estate investor who has done well since leaving his native country. He comes from a business-oriented family. Adam’s father worked as a developer in his home country Adam Milstein received a bachelor’s degree in […]