Bruno Fagali- An advocate against corruption

Bruno Forge Fagali is one of the established lawyers in the Brazilian legal circles. Bruno is a respectable lawyer who practices administrative law. His main areas of specialization are; bidding law, regulatory law, compliance law, electoral law and anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali as a lawyer is a holder of a law degree from the Pontifical University. He graduated in 2009. Bruno Fagali joined the University of Sao Paulo 2015 to study a master’s degree in law.

Bruno Fagali goes down as the first legal expert to create a “Code of Conduct Policy” for advertising agencies that comply with the anti-corruption law. Bruno Fagali possesses deep experience in legal representation and it’s for this reason that he is frequently hired by clients to represent them in high profile cases. Bruno has established himself as an authority in matters of law over the years he has been in the business of clients’ representation.

Bruno Fagali’s career in the legal field started immediately he graduated from the law school. His first job was as an intern at Radi, Associados Advocacia, and Calil. After gaining sufficient experience he decided to start his own law firm. The law firm is known as Fagali Advocacy. The law firm continues to attract high priority cases.

Bruno Fagali also has another role as a lawyer. He is the corporate Integrity manager of an advertising agency known as New/sb. His role at New/sb is to ensure that the organization complies with policies set out. His role at the company has received commendation from the head of New/sb in Bob Viera. Bruno has a responsibility of ensuring that there is a credible system of operations devoid of corruption.

In recent years, Bruno Fagali has positioned himself as a campaigner against corruption in the corporate and public sectors. He has been involved in various cleanup initiatives intended to get rid of public property embezzlement.