Lawrence Bender: A Leading Producer in American Film

If you read the intro or the credits on over a dozen of some of the most interesting movies in the past few decades, you will see Lawrence Bender’s name. Lawrence Bender is an acclaimed producer that is best known for working on film projects that push the boundaries of what the film industry considers […]

Dr. Mark Mofid On How His Innovative Spirit In The Plastic Surgery Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid has only the highest of standards when it comes to treating his patients. The San Diego and La Jolla board-certified plastic surgeon is passionate about his patients and has an excellent track record when it comes to patient satisfaction. His office is located in La Jolla that consists of Mark Mofid (plastic […]

Stream Energy Pledges to Help Texas With New Charity

Residents of Houston remember what it was like to watch their neighborhoods disappear underneath nearly five feet of flood water. Hurricane Harvey devastated the region and made the need for donations and volunteering absolutely necessary in or to get those communities back on their feet. A few hours away, in Dallas, Stream Energy was actively […]

Shervin Pishevar Sends out 50 Tweets on the Downfall of US Economy

When the loudest boom is made, even the sleepiest hibernating bear can be awakened. This is what seem to have happen with Shervin Pishevar. His twitter account had been pretty dry from mid December to early February. It was as if he had muted the mic on his thought leadership. However, early February saw a […]

NGP VAN: Connect Easier

NGP VAN is a platform for progressive candidates to organize their campaigns. From presidential candidates to local grassroots leaders, every campaign can benefit from NGP VAN’s impressive program. The software has a variety of important features which set it apart from competitors. For example, NGP VAN has revolutionized door to door canvassing, which is still […]