American Institute of Architects: Professional Organization Background

     There are more than 90,000 architects in the United States today that is a registered member of the American Institute of Architects, an organization founded in 1857 which oversees the activities of the registered professional architects in the United States. Tens of thousands of architects are actively practicing their profession in the United States, and the organization is making sure that all of them abide by the ethical rules of the profession. The American Institute of Architects is currently headquartered in Washington D.C., and they still live upon their objective to assist the public in construction and development, and educate them about the importance of the profession. All of the architects who are members of the American Institute of Architects also have to display a positive image, showcasing that architects are reliable and trustworthy professionals.

The American Institute of Architects is structured like any other organization. The present head of the organization is Robert Ivy, FAIA, serving both as the CEO and the executive vice president. Robert Ivy was chosen to become the organization’s head in 2011, and under his leadership, he promised to look into the condition of American architects and see what the organization can do to help architects who need assistance. Robert Ivy wen to Sewanee: The University of the South in college, where he took up a BA in English. He studied hard and persevered, resulting to his graduation as the class cum laude. He decided to take up a master’s degree in architecture and attended the Tulane University. After graduating from the university, Robert Ivy immediately looked for a job. He landed a job in 1996, working as the editor in chief for the Architectural Road, a journal published for architects around the world. He also worked with the McGraw-Hill Construction Media, serving as the company’s vice president and editorial director.

Despite being an executive for several publication companies, Robert Ivy keeps on practicing his profession. He was given several awards because of his exceptional contribution to the profession, as well as for being a great leader and editor. He found his way to the American Institute of Architects when he was looking for an organization that would enrich his knowledge and connections, and through the years that he was a member, Robert Ivy never expected that he will be chosen to serve as the organization’s head. He promised to bring a lot of changes to the organization that will benefit the American architects and the public.