Aloha Construction: The Best there is!

Aloha Construction is a leading company in Illinois and southern Wisconsin focusing on roofing and other contracting jobs. Dave Farbaky started the company in 2008 and had led the company into success for the last ten years. The company focus is on meeting the needs of their customers and further being accountable to the community. It shows accountability to the customers by ensuring that each job and contract signed meets quality, time, and cost specifications. On the other hand, it remains accountable to the community through various support projects such as supporting USHL, a local hockey team. A crown of its success was when the company won the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Award in 2017 for adhering to best ethical practices in its operations.

Aloha Constructions ensures quality by ensuring that they have an understanding of what their clients’ needs. The employees of the company are adequately trained to enable them in their performance. Dave Farbaky started Aloha Restoration, Co, to handle all the other jobs which Aloha Constructions does not undertake, ensuring that clients do not need to go elsewhere and can get all services in one shop, Aloha Construction. The operations of Aloha Construction are limited to siding, roofing, and repairing of gutters. With the formation of Aloha Restoration, the two companies can handle all jobs concerning home repairs.

In a recent commercial, Aloha Restoration Co. advertised this fact that many companies do not provide for their clients. Most companies only focus on unable half the jobs such as fixing damage made by smoke, removal of mold or even drying out a home, but are to offer other services such as remodeling the destroyed parts of the house to their former glory. By hiring Aloha Construction and Aloha Restoration Co, a client can get all that they need under one roof. The company removes mold, restore a home after a fire, damage by water and any other remodeling and restoration need a client requires. Further, the company appreciates and acknowledges the role played by the community and gives back to it appropriately.