Adam Milstein Is A Successful Israeli Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who came to America and established himself as a successful businessman. Adam is a real estate investor who has done well since leaving his native country. He comes from a business-oriented family. Adam’s father worked as a developer in his home country

Adam Milstein received a bachelor’s degree in Israel and served an obligatory tour in the Army before moving is family to the US. He and his wife were married in 1974 and moved to Southern California in 1981. Milstein immediately enrolled in the University of Southern California and pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Adam studied entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. He entertained joining several different major organizations. After going through the interview process Adam decided that working for these companies was not for him. He did not believe the pay was adequate enough for the level of education that he acquired. Adam also didn’t think that these companies shared his vision for the industry.

Adam worked for a few years as a real estate broker and then decided to go out on his own as an investor. He has had great success building his business. Milstein founded Hager Pacific Properties and is currently involved in several elements of real estate development including residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Adam Milstein is very passionate about philanthropy and believes that giving back to the community balances out his purpose. He is a member of several important committees that focus on supporting natives of Israel in the United States. Adam and his wife formed the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The concept of the organization is to help young Jewish Americans stay in touch with their roots. They are encouraged to take part in the activities and connect with other Jewish persons in their community, schools and surrounding areas.

Adam Milstein is a believer in persistence. He has been consistent with his effort over the years. Adam does not take any opportunity for granted and follows up on every lead that comes across his desk. He understands that a person misses out on 100% of the chances that they do not take.