A Model Industry, OSI Food Solutions

When you think of model companies there are a few objectively important factors, growth, employment, and innovation. OSI Food Solutions seems to be hitting all these factors. They recently bought not one, but three different companies proving growth. One of these is Tyson Food Plant, a well known household name and according to the Chicago Tribune, OSI Food Solutions was able to offer most of the remaining employees jobs when they purchased it. Though OSI Food Solutions is evolving and becoming more powerful it shows character that they are extending jobs to those who are effected by the purchase.

They not only have been evolving through buying other companies, they have also increased their chicken production capacity by one hundred percent. This gives them an opportunity to be more efficient with what they have going on across the world. They have an impressive inventory of machinery, can offer unique options to their vendors, and pride themselves in their safe handling of food. So when you look back on all these opportunities and growth its easy to see how they have won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council and are also one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. They provide a user friendly website and their contact information is easy to find. They have facilities in 17 different countries and are conscious of their environmental impact in each, constantly looking for ways to improve. OSI Foods also prove capable and competitive in the options they offer through their products and supplies. Any business could have stopped where they are at and been content with the growth they have had, but ISO hasn’t, they have continually moved forward with integrity to makes sure they are doing best to uphold standards and providing great options on the way. I look forward to seeing what they have next and how they will keep expanding.