The Surprising success of an Investor and corporate Lawyer Michael Hagele

Working Experience Michael Hagele has vast knowledge experiences and skills when it comes to legal technology. He attended the University of California where he was awarded a law degree. He provides general counsel to clients from technology companies, internet, aerospace, biotechnology, and telecommunication fields. Michael has negotiated, drafted, and closed several negotiations internationally and domestically. […]

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Continues On Quest To Make Bradesco Undisputed Banking Champ

     Throughout the history of Latin America, many countries have had a love-hate relationship with monopolies. Although most people view monopolies in a negative light, many countries in Latin America have been irrefutably helped by the dealings throughout their countries of some of the most monopolistic companies that have ever existed in the Western Hemisphere. […]

“Teravista Golf Club 18 Hole Course of Round Rock, TX”

Located in Round Rock, Texas, Teravista Golf Club is an exquisite 18 hole golf course that’s fun for all ages. Who’s received the ‘Beginner Friendly Course’ award for being a family oriented golf club by the National Golf Course Owners Association. Among the rolling green hillsides, there are 7,200 yards of stimulating layout with five […]

Jose Auriemo Neto: Leading JHSF in transforming Brazilian skyline

Currently, Brazil is enjoying a real estate bonanza due to the low-interest rates, sound financial policies and huge demand for commercial property in the country. The government has put in place several economic reforms in Brazil in a bid to encourage economic development in the country. High profile investors such as the JHSF have taken […]