Jose Auriemo Neto: Leading JHSF in transforming Brazilian skyline

Currently, Brazil is enjoying a real estate bonanza due to the low-interest rates, sound financial policies and huge demand for commercial property in the country. The government has put in place several economic reforms in Brazil in a bid to encourage economic development in the country. High profile investors such as the JHSF have taken […]

Rise of DAMAC under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership

Hussain Sajwani hailed from a middle-class family in Dubai. He founded the DAMAC company, the largest company in Dubai, in 2002. The University of Washington is his alma mater where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science in 1981. He was an active member of many boards, for instance, Emirates Takaful Company, Majan University […]

Bruno Fagali Gives More Opportunities to Everyone

     As a high-powered attorney in Brazil, Bruno Fagali knows the importance of making sure he can help people with different opportunities. He also knows things will keep getting better as long as he has a chance to do things the right way. For Bruno Fagali, the point of making things easier is allowing everyone […]

Want To Learn More About Mr. Ryan Seacrest?

Though his radio career dated back longer than a decade prior to its 2002 premiere, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar – its name was reduced to American Idol from its second season onwards – Ryan Seacrest gained worldwide fame shortly after co-hosting the Fox-broadcasted show alongside Brian Dunkleman. Today, Mr. Seacrest is widely […]

Southridge Capital is a phenomenal financial advisory firm for public companies.

Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks who is also the Chief Executive Officer for the company. Southridge Capital is mainly focused on enhancing the financial infrastructure of a company by providing both structured and advisory services for public companies. Southridge capital is equipped with the principal executive arm who have a vast knowledge about […]

Waiakea Water Goes Above and Beyond

Different brands of water are created differently, each with different ingredients. Waiakea water, in particular, provides alkaline water. Most brands offer water at 4 to 5 pH Waiakea, on the other hand, provides a human-friendly pH of 8.8.the human pH Is 7.4. This natural higher ph. is significant in detoxification of electrons and therefore disease […]