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Lime Crime And Social Media

Lime Crime is a cruelty free cosmetic company. They were made famous by offering unique colors of lipstick that could not be found anywhere else. They offer colors such as blue, green, black and yellow. They also offer some shades in the pink, red or nude shade families. They support freedom of expression through makeup and have lip products sure to match any outfit or personality. They are active on social media and have a huge fan base of followers many who enjoy sharing personal photos of themselves wearing the products from this cosmetic line.


Lime Crime has an active Facebook page. They post lipstick color swatches and also photos of their fans wearing their favorite lipstick shades. They have 1,000,000+ followers and social media like Instagram is a great place for fellow fans to discuss their favorite products. Each post on their business page received several hundreds of comments and likes. is also a great place to find out about new products and lipstick colors that are coming out. There are links to articles featuring items from the company as well as celebrities such as Paris Hilton photographed wearing their liquid lipstick. If you are a fan of this brand Facebook is a great place to keep track of new items coming out and also chat with other fans about your favorite colors. The page has a community feel to it and many fans have posted personal photos on the page that are shared with fellow fans. Holiday sales and bundled offers are also posted and a great way to stock up over the holiday season. Overall Facebook is a great place to keep up to date on promotions; new colors shades and maybe even meet some new friends who also are in love with these lipsticks.


Tumblr is also a place to find fan photos. Their page is filled with many photos of fans that they have reposted. It also has a very friendly community feel and is filled with many personal photos of fans showing their love for the products. Whichever platform you prefer be sure to check out Lime Crime on social media.